This is carried out once and agreement has been made between our client and the company. Surveying deals with measurements of properties. Boundary demarcation and beacon re-establishment are part of surveying. In Topographical surveying, this deals with measurement of infrastructure such as roads, sewer lines, pipelines and or even greenhouses. Leveling is done to determine accurate heights of these features for purposes of buildings or infrastructure development.

This entails measurement of property boundaries using a high accurate gadget that uses Satellites to compute the position of the earth’s point.

Each point measured on the surface of the earth is very unique at its own. Accurate devices such as Doppler GPS and the Real Time Kinematics are some of the very used once in this field.

Nowadays with the advent of technology, many things are arising due to available technology.

Geographic Information System basically known as GIS is one field under information systems. But due to the connection of such information systems to a location on earth, there comes a GIS.

Databases are connected to a map (Location) and information can be queried and retrieved for decision making and support.

Physical planning entails the segregation of land into many usable and harmonious land cover.

This brings harmony for futuristic developments that may not arise in crisis when development arises in future. This is
crucial for crop farming, infrastructure and property management that is near a town setup or industrial area.

We use GIS in this tasks.

This is essentially done for properties that need to be developed. It is a per-requisite to do an EIA as according to National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) in Kenya.

We offer these services to our clientele who wish to develop properties.

This essentially includes land degradation, soil analysis, grazing resource determination and range-lands

i) Land Degradation: is a process in which the value of the biophysical environment is affected by a combination of human-induced processes acting upon the land. It is viewed as any change or disturbance to the land perceived to be deleterious or undesirable.

ii) Soil analysis: It puts forward an evaluation method of land adaptability based on soil spatial analysis, and offers some research clews to optimize agricultural land use constitution.

iii) Grazing Resource Determination: Entails the use of GIS to map out resources and to zone them. Grazing areas, protected areas and also includes range-lands management.